the wonder sessions

Welcome to The Wonder Sessions


The wonder sessions are a series of lessons designed to change the way you interact with the world. 

Monthly modules, spanning the course of two years, The Wonder Sessions guides you first to explore your inner landscape, and then out into the world. Developing a relationship with the seasons, the elements, the earth, and medicinal plants, you’ll be led into deeper connection with the world around you, and a deeper understanding of the mysteries of the hidden world.


We are not separate from our surroundings, we have had to learn to be. 

Through a series of lessons and exercises, you will be guided to interact more deeply with the natural world, in a real, tangible and visceral way.

So many of us move through life feeling as though we are somehow separate: we long for a deeper sense of connection but don't know how to find it. We feel, but we don’t FEEL. We want to see but we don’t SEE. We want to experience things fully but feel constant pressures from all directions that feel like they’re blocking our way. We feel as if we are on the outside, looking in, longing for something that is just out of our reach. 

During the course of The Wonder Sessions, you’ll notice that your attention has shifted— you’re noticing more, feeling like you and the world are no longer separate. Like you are no longer alone, but supported by a vast network, guiding you through the world, in a state of wonder.