the wonder sessions

Calling in the rain exercise

Calling in the rain

This is a two part ritual. 

Now, I understand that we’re only on module 1, and that what we’re doing here might seem impossible. that’s ok. Plenty of things are impossible. Do it anyway. This is big elemental magic, and it doesn’t matter so much if you believe its doing anything, but play along to the best of your abilities— if you can’t feel something, imagine it. And do this the best you can. There’s no right or wrong; you can’t mess it up, but it’s a fun opportunity to fling yourself into something. Sorta like if you were at a nightclub and they were doing a type of dancing you’d never seen before, and someone asked you to dance, and you said yes even though you had no idea what was happening. But the person who asked you is a good dance partner, and you get the gist of it even if you have no idea what’s going on. 

I’ll be your partner; step onto the dance floor and follow my lead :). 


In the first exercise we are going to connect more deeply with the energy of water (this is coming more intensely in module 4). We’ll need this feeling and connection for the second part of the exercise. 

You can do these exercises back to back, or leave 10 minutes in between them if you feel you need a break.

Before you start this exercise, look at a map of the Crescent Mountain Fire (, in Washington state. Look at where the fire is, and the topography of the landscape. Get a picture of it in your head. 

(Disclaimer: it is very important with water not to push it. It has to be handled passively, so it’s important to ask and wait, not push, or demand)


Part 1. 


Get a glass of water (not too big because you’re going to drink the whole thing in one sitting later) and sit somewhere quiet. 

Hold this water between your hands, and feel it, through your hands. Feel the qualities of the water, in the same way as you’ve been feeling for the qualities of the colour cards. Ask yourself questions about it, and feel for the answers through your hands. Is it dense or light? Is it still or moving? Is it solid or liquid? Is it active or passive? 

I know you probably know these answers in your head, but really, try to feel through your hands, or through your belly, what the meaning of this quality is in the physical world, with your body, with your hands, with your energy. Stop thinking. Feel. 

if you want more, dip your fingers into the water. Feel it. Feel how it’s a little scary because its not still, or solid, or stable. It’s uncertain— you can’t pin it down or hold it. In order to *be* with the water, you have to stop thinking, and ride it like you’re riding a wave. 

Now, feel in your own body, where that water connects: where are you water. Where does the energy of this water resonate within you. 

In the same way as if you were playing music and you played a C, and then you’d look for notes that resonate with the C. Some notes feel off, and some sound beautiful. Or if you were cooking and you had tomatoes simmering in a pan, you’d look for flavours to blend and compliment that flavour. Some things wouldn’t mesh; some things feel like they were meant to be together. It’s the same with the water and your body: find that same feeling of water in your body as you feel in the glass. Feel how connecting in this way makes you feel much, much bigger.

Take an energetic snapshot of the water. Its cool, blue, watery, passive, energy. Feel it. Remember it, like you’ve stuck a bookmark in it. 

Now, say, or feel a little prayer into the water: 


Please help me connect with the waters of the universe. 


Ask it, and in the same way as you are learning to receive in module 1, wait for it to say ‘yes’ back, then feel the energy of the water as it changes to fit your prayer. 

When you feel the entire glass has filled with the energy of your prayer, remove your hands. Get up and stretch if you need to, and come back for part 2. 

Part 2. 

Drink the water. All of it. 

Close your eyes. 

Feel the energy of water filling your body, seeping into you as it would seep into the earth. 

Close your eyes and picture a distant horizon. Picture yourself moving towards the horizon, faster and faster, until you are soaring. And right when you start to get close, intend, strongly, to go to the area in Washington where the fire is, and let your imagination draw you, like a plane taking off over the horizon, geographically, closer and closer to Washington state, until you recognise the topography from the map you looked at. 

Picture the map of the topography and the fire spread. Picture yourself flying over the landscape like a cloud soaring overhead, seeing the dips and valleys, the plants and rivers.  

Now look at the fire. See how it is RAGING, hot, all-consuming, dry. It consumes and consumes. Burns through everything in its wake. Feel the innate, detached fury in it. 

See how the fire is massive and cannot be stopped or reasoned with. There’s no pressing it back, or crushing it. But it can be soothed. 

Now, look right into the center of the fire. Look so deeply until you see a speck of blue within the flame. There’s a point at which the fire consumes water. Find that speck of water, and connect with it, the way you’ve connected with the glass, and the water in your own body. Don’t push it, just sorta sit down next to it and say ‘hi, I’m here’. ‘Hi water’. The way you’d sit down next to a grieving friend, and allow them to be, without trying to press or change them. Sit with the speck of blue the same way.

Now, feel your own water expand, all that water you’ve been touching and connecting with, feel it expand and connect more deeply with the speck of blue in the fire. Feel it spread and calm the fire, until the fire has been soothed. In a way, it feels like calming a crying baby— you’re not trying to change it, you’re just emitting your own calming vibes and humming to it that it’s ok, and eventually it gets the picture. Hold the space with your cool, blue water energy until you feel done. 

If you’re not totally wiped out at this point, there’s another step. 

Still picturing yourself up there, in the topography of the landscape of the Methow Valley, sink into that water feeling again, and look for it in the landscape around you. Feel for water, in the air, in the earth, in the rocks, in the plants, and sit with it. Don’t push, but sit and be receptive to the feeling of water in the world around you, and, ask it to create rain. Feel the water generating in the world around you. Feel the impossible: that water can actually be made. That sinking deep into the earth and BEING the passive, receptive energy of water can create water. STOP THINKING ABOUT IT :). Just feel it. 

Now, ask it to become rain. Allow the water to rise up into the air, to become clouds, and feel that cool, blue, water energy as a bubble over the whole valley, over the fire itself. Feel that bubble, and allow the rain to fall in your imagination. Feel the rain falling, and seeping into the earth, and protecting the homes and trees and animals, and putting out the fire. 

Picture this until you feel done.

Open your eyes. Breathe. Walk around a bit, maybe drink some water. 

if you feel super spacey, take a bath with lots of salt in it; eat some root vegetables; rap yourself on the head a few times. It’ll calm down after a while.