the wonder sessions


The Wonder Sessions


This is the full Wonder Sessions course: Released every month over the course of two years, you will be guided on an inner, and then outer journey, into deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.

In this course you will receive a [magical] packet in the mail at the beginning of every new module. Each packet contains:

A book

Containing the course writings and exercises.

Herbal monographs

Describing the herbs that we are working with over the course of the module

A journal

For you to use to write out your musings about each exercise

A gift

A magical object just for you, that ties into the theme of the module.

Herbal tinctures

Tinctures of the herbs that we are working with for the module.


There will also be any related materials that you might need for the exercises.

Online meetings

We will have meetings every 2 weeks online, to discuss the exercises and any questions you might have. They are not compulsory but they are helpful.

Along with that you will also receive the TWS online course materials.

Online course materials

All of the course materials will be released online, with new portions being added once a month. This way you can either move through the book at your own pace, or follow along with the bulk of the group, and use one section and one exercise per month.


The online portion of the course also includes recipes to make using the herbs that we are using to delve deeper into each module.

Monthly release of module sections and exercises

Every month, we will release a section of the course, so that if you want to follow along at a guided pace, and participate with the larger community, you can.

Recordings of the exercises

A lot of the exercises are meditations, and there are voice recordings of them, so that you can click ‘play’ and close your eyes and follow along.

Online community

Maybe the best part of the whole course is the online community, which is an incredibly supportive, open group of people, all working through the same stuff as you. The ‘inner’ portion of the journey can get quite personal, and the ‘outer’ portion of the journey can be a little odd, so it’s great to have a community to come back to, to discuss, ground, and hold space for each other. In this community, we discuss the exercises, give tips and tricks for ‘getting’ the exercises in a different way, and often form deep supportive bonds.