the wonder sessions



Frequently asked questions



Can I do a payment plan? 

Absolutely. It's set up during checkout so that you can choose whether to pay in full or do a payment plan. 


Ugh, why is it more expensive if I do it with a payment plan? 

Unfortunately, the program I use to do payment plans through (and this is the case for all of them) charges a higher percentage than the program used to just process one payment at a time.  

Is this worth me doing if I haven't studied herbalism and am not interested in it?

Yes. While herbs are an aspect of this course, they aren't the ONLY aspect of this course. You will learn about the plants included in your packages, which will give you some basic herbal knowledge, but this will also give you some really useful tools for if you decide that you'd like to study herbalism further. Imagine, for example, that most people have to memorise lists of properties to learn about what plants 'do', where, after this,  you'll be able to hold a plant and get a FEEL for this on your own. This course, in many ways, will teach you about the world underneath the world. 


Is this worth me doing if I haven't studied herbalism and AM interested in it?

Also, yes. I wouldn't suggest The Wonder Sessions as a replacement for a herb school, because in a herbal school, whichever style of herbalism you decide to embark on, you'll get a lot of practical knowledge and tools that will help you approach herbalism professionally. But I would suggest The Wonder Sessions to use *along with* herb school. You see, we are doing different things, but this course will deepen your abilities, help you gain more control over your sensitivities, and enhance the way you connect with the world and your studies, which means that herb school will be enriched tenfold by using these materials. 


Is this worth me doing if I am already an established herbalist? 

Have you ever wondered if you could connect to your plants so deeply that you can summon their spirits to you wherever you are? That you can feel formulas in the air in front of you as you sit with a client? Have you ever wanted to see a plant's energy, directly, without having to resort to a list of 'properties'? If yes, then yes. If no, then most likely not.