the wonder sessions


welcome to the wonder sessions


The wonder sessions are a series of lessons designed to change the way you interact with the world. 

Monthly modules, spanning the course of two years, The Wonder Sessions guides you first to explore your inner landscape, and then out into the world. Developing a relationship with the seasons, the elements, the earth, and medicinal plants, you’ll be led into deeper connection with the world around you, and a deeper understanding of the mysteries of the hidden world.

Do you know the feeling you have when you are just completely content? Maybe it’s around your family, or maybe it’s with friends, or maybe with the person you love the most in the world, or in nature, or with your pet.  Do you know how it feels to be held by someone and to be loved and accepted as you are? Imagine that feeling from the world around you, all the time: 

  • Imagine feeling held, and loved, and nourished as your constant state of being. 

  • Imagine every time you say ‘hello’ and touch a tree, you can feel it touching you back. 

  • Imagine, when you need the answers to life’s big questions, that you know how to sink deep outside yourself, into the earth and the rocks and the world around you, and receive answers that resonate with all your cells.

A life, like this, is always magical: there are mysteries and wonders that we cannot possibly understand, and yet we get to experience them daily. It is magical, because you are never alone. It is magical because you are self-possessed, deeply connected, and whole. 
Do you want to feel like a part of your ecosystem? 

Do you want connection?

Do you want to be in communication with the earth, the plants, and the elements?

Do you want the feeling of magic to be woven into every moment of your life?

Do you want to feel wholly, fully, enchantingly alive?

If so, try this:

Here’s a ten-minute meditation for connection, and for attention. To pull you back into your body, so that you can feel that feeling of magic, awareness and presence, wherever you are.

It's an exercise that you can do every day, even twice a day if you like. And doing it over time will make this mental state much more accessible to you, so that eventually, you don't even need the exercise to drop into feeling this way whenever you want. 

This is the first step into living a life that is full of magic and wonder.