the wonder sessions

How to participate

How to join the wonder sessions

There are 2 different ways to join The Wonder Sessions community— the full Wonder Sessions course which includes mailed packages and video conference support, or an online version where you can follow along with the online materials.


The Wonder Sessions Online

An online version of The Wonder Sessions, you will receive a monthly email, with access to the digital portions of the course, including all the writings, plant monographs and exercises. There is also full access to the online support/ community groups.

Once a quarter we will have an online meeting, where Rebecca answers any questions about the material and exercises.


The Wonder Sessions

This is the full Wonder Sessions course: Released every month over the course of two years, you will be guided on an inner, and then outer journey, into deeper connection with yourself and the world around you. In this course you will receive packets in the mail (one for each module), herbal formulas, and extra little gifts. There will also be an online support meeting every 2 weeks.

(this option is available in very limited numbers)