the wonder sessions


TWS Online


In the online version of The Wonder Sessions, you will have full access to all of the written and exercise portions of the course, which will be released monthly over the course of two years.

Each portion contains a written lesson and an exercise. Sometimes the exercises are really easy and can be done throughout the course of the day, and sometimes they are longer meditations that require more of a commitment.

Each module also contains plant monographs and recipes, that are released at the beginning of each module, that are to be played with in your own time over the course of each module: the plants explored in each module relate directly to what we are learning to do in the course.

There is full access to the online support groups (both a discussion group on the class website, and a larger group of ‘Wonderers’ all participating in The Wonder Sessions. The online groups are really amazing places to connect with other people, and feel the support of others, even from afar, while embarking upon this journey.

Finally, once a quarter we will have an online meeting, where Rebecca answers questions about the module and the exercises, and provides guidance should it be needed. These are usually informal meetings, that aren’t required, but help a lot with the course when attended.