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Living colours

Living colours


If everything around us is pure energy, then we can train our senses to pick up that energy in different ways. And we’re going to do this starting with colours. 

Inside your packet you’ll find 5 coloured index cards. Find somewhere quiet where you won’t be distracted, and lay the index cards out in front of you. You’ll see that the cards are different colours but are all the same shape and texture. 

Close your eyes, or if you think you’ll want to cheat, blindfold yourself. With the index cards laid out in front of you, reach out, eyes closed, and touch one. Feel it through your hand, not just its texture but its qualities. Is it light or dense? Orderly or chaotic? Does it feel pleasant to you or not? 

Now, taking your hand off that card, reach out and touch another card. Do the same: light or dense; orderly or chaotic; pleasant or not. Do you feel it anywhere in your body? Do you feel a tugging in a certain direction? Are you experiencing any emotions? Any memories? Thoughts? Flashes of insight? 

Is it different to the card before? 

Now, do another one. 

And another. 

Feel for subtle differences between the cards, and each time, look for even more subtlety, even more messages, even more differences. 

At this point, you can start to take notes on each colour and how it feels to you, if there are subtle differences you’re noticing.