the wonder sessions

Picking A Place

Picking a place


If you don’t already have a sitting spot, pick one. Or two. Or even three. But start with one. 

Outside, on the ground is preferable, but inside will work too if access is a problem. For your first spot, pick something that’s convenient to you, and something that you feel a connection with. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. The point isn’t that it is special to anyone else, only that you feel a connection with it, and that you can go there often. 

Now, we are going to turn this place into an altar. 

Sacredness is something that comes with context. Yes, of course, everything in life is sacred, but to us personally, some things are more sacred than others. 

So, when you’ve picked your spot, clear it. Remove any debris that you don’t want there, any mess or junk. If you can sweep the area, sweep it. 

To clear it energetically, sprinkle a little salt in its four corners, or in a circle around it (keep in mind, if this is outside, the salt will kill grass or plants, so only use a miniscule amount). 

Bring in blankets or cushions or whatever you need to make your spot comfy. Candles, lanterns, wind-chimes, plants, bones. 

Now, sit down, close your eyes, and breathe. 

Take about ten deep breaths, to calm yourself and clear your mind. Then, reach out through your body, into the earth, and touch the earth under you. Under the surface, where the earth is dark and soft. 

Now, here’s the fun part. 

Ask it to form a connection with you, and then pull your energy back inside yourself, and let the earth energy follow you, up through the earth, up into your body. 

Does it say ‘yes’? If so, then carry on, and spend time here as often as you can. If it says ’no’ then find a new place and start again.