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Pleasure of the senses part 1

Pleasure of the senses, part 1: 



Chop up a few pieces of fruit (like an apple, an orange, strawberries, raspberries or melon), or vegetables (like cucumber, radish, arugula, lettuce), into bite-size pieces, and put onto a plate. 

Then, go and sit somewhere quiet. 

Close your eyes and breathe into your body, becoming aware of where you are in space: your legs on the chair or the ground, your back where it rests. Become aware of the various places you're holding tension in your body, and start to pick them, place by place, and allow softness to spread there. Do this for a few minutes, paying attention to your exhale breath each time, allowing softness on its heels, and when you're ready, pick up your first bite, and chew. 

Allow the flavour to expand on your tongue. Allow it to be a series of flavours. Instead of trying to figure out which of the things you've cut up you're eating, allow the thing in your mouth to describe to you some of its nature. 

Is it sweet? Sharp? Salty? Complex? Direct? Is it light? Heavy? Is it aromatic? Where does the flavour touch you? What is the texture like in your mouth? Does the sensation in your mouth elicit a response anywhere else in your body? Does it make your body need to move (if so, do so!)? 

Pay attention to the qualities of the food in your mouth, until you're ready to swallow it. Then, with your eyes closed, pick another one and repeat, until the plate is empty. 

Once you've done this a couple of times, try this at meal times with more complex foods, allowing yourself to feel the flavours and textures with your whole body.