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Receiving in the body

Receiving in the body


Sit or lie down somewhere quiet and close your eyes. Take a series of deep breaths, filling your lungs as fully as is comfortable, and letting your lungs fully empty on the exhale. Slowly, start to pay attention to your body. Feel if there’s any pain anywhere, areas where there’s space and ease, areas where there’s tension. 

Pick one of the places where you’re aware of tension— it could be your jaw, your shoulders, your diaphragm, your belly, butt, back— and slowly, gently, start to tense it more, continuing to breathe deeply. Tense it more, and more, and more, until you can’t tense it anymore, and feel how it affects the rest of your body. 

How does the world look from here, with this tension? How do you feel yourself, with this tension? Big, or small? Full of possibilities, or limited? 

Now, with an exhale, drop all the tension. 

And breathe. Move a little if you have to, let the energy start flowing where it was stuck before. 

Now, keeping your eyes closed, feel for the earth underneath you, and feel for where its energy touches your own. Feel for your edges; where you meet the earth’s energy. It could be further outside yourself, at the edges of your own energy field. Feel for where the earth is touching you, and where you are resisting it; pushing it away. It could be in  your legs, pelvic floor, belly, or a tight bubble all around you. 

And gently, start to tense it more. Increase the feeling of resistance to the earth, more, and more, over a few breaths, until you can’t tense it anymore. 

How do you feel from here? Supported or alone? Nurtured or cut-off? 

Now, when you’re ready, on an exhale, drop that layer of resistance. 

Let the earth in. Receive it in your body. 

Let it flow in through your pores and through the outside of your energy. Let it flow up your arms, and the back of your legs, and in through your pelvis. Let it flow, and continue to breathe. 

Feel its heaviness, its softness, its strength, its abundance. 

And feel how it gives to you, holds, supports, nourishes, nurtures. 

Let this nurturing fill your body to the extent that you are able or willing. 

You are worthy of it. Deserving even. 

And when you’re ready, open your eyes. 

How does the world look from here? How do you feel? Write down your observations.