the wonder sessions




Here you'll find the recipes for each module of The Wonder Sessions.

For the first module you'll need 8oz dried damiana (Turnera diffusa) and 8oz dried shatavari (Asparagus racemosa) root powder.


Damiana tincture

A simple tincture recipe for daily use.


Damiana body oil

Damiana infused in a variety of oils for massage.


Damiana Liqueur 

A sensuous, vanilla-spiced liqueur with damiana. 


Damiana elixir

A blend of tinctures including damiana, to enhance its properties. 


Damiana bitters

a bitters blend for before or after meals


Shatavari tincture

A tincture recipe for daily use


Shatavari elixir

A delicious shatavari tincture for daily use


Shatavari infused oil

A nourishing oil to use for an ayurvedic ritual


Shatavari latte

A warm, sweet, milky shatavari drink