the wonder sessions

The pleasure of our senses

The pleasure of our senses


Note: In each exercise, you'll find a video of me talking you through the exercise so that you can play along without having to read. 

There's also a written version below the video, and its the same text, so you can use whichever you prefer. 


The first module of The Wonder Sessions is called ‘the invitation’. One of the main things we’ll be exploring in this module is our senses— how our senses are an interface between us and the true reality of the world. 

We live in a society of overstimulation. So much brightness, noise, flavour, saturation. It often feels to me like as a society we’re so numb that we need more and more to make us feel anything.

Conversely, there are those of us who are so sensitive that the way modern life is so very stimulating is far too much for us, and we have to shelter ourselves a bit from the world at large. 

Too much, or too little both don’t take into account one of the most amazing things that our senses have to offer us: 


In this exercise we’re going to start exploring the joy that can be found in the pleasure of the senses. 

Often when it comes to sensory experiences, we have a barrier in between our actual senses and our ability to experience them: our minds. Have you ever noticed how sometimes the mental experience of a thing is better than the actual experience? Like sometimes you'll see a perfect looking piece of fruit and bite into it but it doesn't taste of very much but the look of the fruit and the mental story of 'perfect fruit' have you eating more of it than one bite? The mental experience and the actual experience don't line up, and there's often a disconnect. 

What happens if we bypass the mental aspect of our sensory experience, and just... experience? 

We'll work through the senses, starting with taste.

Do each exercise for a few days before moving onto the next.