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Pleasure of the senses part 4

Pleasure of the senses

part 4: smell


Find somewhere outside where all the scents aren't completely familiar, where you can be undisturbed. 

We start all of these exercises by starting to pay attention to our bodies so that we can stay grounded in what actually is, so that we're not imagining things. Going in through the physical body, we experience directly. 

As with before, breathe into the body and allow areas where you're holding tension to soften. 

As you're breathing, start to pay attention to the smells in the air around you. Just as with taste we're not trying to figure them out or understand what they are, but to just smell them and take them into your body. 

They can be really subtle or really strong, depending on the time of year. 

Feel the smells as they come into your body. See if you can breathe through your mouth and taste the smells as well. 

Where do you feel the smells in your body? In your head? Heart? Pelvis? Skin? Does it feel hard or soft? Do you like it? Does it feel pleasurable or do you want to move away from it? 

And if you want to move away from it, can you feel how a part of you builds a wall of resistance? As if that's your own body's way of saying 'no'. What happens if just for a minute you drop that resistance anyway, and let them move through your body? It doesn't need to stay *in* your body, it can just pass through, and be an uncomfortable experience.  

And if it feels pleasurable can you feel how your cells are all saying 'yes'? And if they're saying yes, can you allow that more? Allow the pleasure of it to move through your cells. 

Often what happens with strong and unpleasant smells is that if we let them in, they go straight to our heads and can cause discomfort. One of the ways to help with that feeling of headiness is to relax your pelvic floor, and relax the bottoms of your feet, which allows the smells to actually pass through you more easily. 

And if you can, pay attention to, through your sense of smell, and allowing the smells through you,  you can connect to your other senses too, and feel with your entire body as a whole. Like one giant sensory organ. 

Allow your body to be a sensory organ. And to feel. And to find the pleasure in feeling. The smells, the sounds, the colours around you.