the wonder sessions

Pleasure of the senses part 2

The pleasure of our senses:



Find somewhere relatively quiet to sit (it helps if you're outside for this one) and take a series of deep breaths. 

A lot of people block out their ability to hear a lot of sounds because life can be overstimulating. So we create a sort of aural tension to keep the sounds at bay. So in the same way as we did in the first part of the exercise, much like with the taste exercise, we're going to sink into our bodies, and look for areas of tension, breathing into them, allowing them to soften on the exhale. 

And when you're ready, start to pay attention to the sounds around you. Listen for any birds. Crickets. The wind. Traffic noises. Music from neighbours. People talking. Running water. Toilets flushing. And just the movement of the air. Let it in.

And as you do this, pay attention to your resistance to the sounds. And if you can, soften that resistance, and allow the sounds into your body. Allow them to move through you. To touch you, in all of your cells. 

Some sounds you'll find pleasant and some sounds will grate, irritate or hurt. Let them through, almost like its water running through you, they can touch you and move on. 

See how far you can extend your ability to hear. 

Keep breathing. 

And if this brings up some fear, because of the overstimulation, let that move through you too. You can always block it off again, the second you want to. 

When you're ready, brush yourself off and carry on with your day. 

(You might need to take a drink of water if this has whacked you out a little bit).