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Synesthesia part 2

Synesthesia part 2


Remember the synesthesia exercise we did with the pieces of coloured paper? 

Now we’re going to take that skill out into the world. 

You’ll need 5 different bottles or glasses of liquid. If you have herbal teas or tinctures, that would be preferable, but juice, water, tea, coffee, and beer would work too. They don’t need to be large glasses or bottles. 

Set them out in front of you and close your eyes. 

Once again, reach out and touch a container. Hold it. Let your senses seep outside of yourself to feel what is in the glass. We don’t want to know *what* it is, we want to know *how* it is. So start asking questions. What are the qualities of the liquid inside this container? Is it thick or dense? Quick-moving or slow? Effervescent or flat? Does it bring up feelings inside you: emotions, pressures, movement, flavours, aches, flashes of insight or memory? Do you feel it in a particular place in your body? Without trying to figure out what it is, keep exploring its qualities, and when you’re done, write down your findings (if possible without even looking at what it is yet). 

Next, pick up another one and repeat the process. Ask questions that don’t lead to right or wrong answers, and explore. Write it all down. 

Move onto the next bottle/ glass, and repeat it again. 

And again with the next. 

Keep detailed notes about your findings for each one, so that you can determine the different way you perceive things. Do you feel things in your body? Perceive colours? Emotions? Flashes of images? Is it a slight tug in one direction or another? Is it just a *feeling* you have? Do you hear sounds, or smell things, or does the light change slightly? Pay attention to the subtle changes because this is how you get to know your own perception field.