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The White Letters

The White Letters


For this exercise you’ll need the page in your book with the letters on the white background.

Start by looking at the letters themselves, letting your gaze fall naturally, moving around, but not landing and focusing on any specific letter. 

Now, shift your awareness so that you are seeing the white background, and seeing the shapes that this white background makes on the page. Each time your gaze starts to land and focus on the black letters, shift back to the white. 

Look at how BIG the white space is, how expansive. Feel how when you perceive one part of it, you’re perceiving all of it. 

Do this with the page for a few minutes, then take this out into the world. Start looking at the not-things around you— the space that your mug occupies. The space around your computer screen. The space around this booklet. What’s behind it? What are the qualities of the space behind it? And does that space run through the thing, too?