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Pleasure of the senses part 3


Pleasure of the senses, part 3: TOUCH


The third part of this exercise is the same as the others but with touch. But this time, start with having a variety of different textures nearby: clothes made of different fabrics. Linen. Cotton. Silk. Wool. Velvet. Workout clothes. Gather a variety of textures made with natural and synthetic fibres. 

We will start in the same way: breathe and settle into your body. Find areas where you're holding tension, and allow them to soften. 

Allow your sense of awareness to soften. 

And when you're ready, pick up a piece of fabric. Hold it. Run your fingers over it. Run it over your skin, your arms, your face, your body. 

What does it feel like? 
What is its nature? 

Soft? Scratchy? Pleasant? Does your skin say 'yes' or is it repulsed? 
As you feel it, allow it to feel you back. 

And as you feel it, allow the sensation to create pleasure in your body (if its something that feels good). 

Do this with all the different fabrics you have: feeling, touching, letting them touch you back.