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Touching the Air

Touching the air


Lie down somewhere private, with as few clothes on as you are comfortable with. If you have windows, open them, to allow for air-flow. If you have a ceiling fan turn that onto the lowest setting. 

Close your eyes and start to breathe, feeling the air fill your lungs and empty from your lungs. Feel the rhythm of your lungs like a bellows, and as you do so, start to relax your body. Relax the bottoms of your feet. Relax behind your knees. Your thighs. Your butt. Your back where it touches the ground. Your belly where it touches the air. Your shoulders. Arms. Fingers. Neck. Jaw. Forehead. 

Keep breathing, and now start to pay attention to where the air touches your skin. Feel its lightness, its constant movement, and how it sort of… tickles you. 

Can you feel how it’s interacting with your skin? 

Now, open your skin to it. Let the air in. Let it in and let it travel through your body as it sees fit, and where it meets resistance with tension, see if you can relax those areas to let it through. 

Can you feel the pleasure in the lightness of its touch? 

Allow it. Allow the air to touch you, and you to touch it, until you can’t tell who is breathing who. 

And then when you’re ready, open your eyes. If you feel light-headed or slightly spacey, drink a glass of water, and reconnect to the earth with the ‘Receiving in the Body’ exercise.