the wonder sessions
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Why now?


Our world

is beautiful, rich, joyful, and wondrous. 


It also feels scarier, lonelier, and like it's falling apart more than ever. 


It's my belief that the way forwards for humanity is not in regression: the technological developments that we have created and learned to live with over the course of history have done too much good, have taught us so much. The beauty in humanity is our ability to create: in that way, its as if we are the fingertips of the unseen, expressing itself into the world. To deny the good that has come from all that we've made is to deny creation itself.


On the other hand, this growth that we have done has been exponentially greater than the earth's, or our ability to keep up. We use more resources than we regenerate-- on a personal scale, on an ecological scale, on an energetic scale. From the smallest cell to the workings of the planet as a whole, this is not sustainable. And this shows: people are talking about ecocide more than ever before. Species are dying. There's drought, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and with each round, we fear the world more and more.

On a personal level, more people than ever feel alone, frightened, unsafe, depressed and anxious. 

And I think that this is because we feel disconnected.

From nature, from the world around us, and from our own selves. 

I believe that the way forwards is not to move back and deny all that has developed; nor is it to ignore the state that we are in. But to re-weave ourselves into the fabric of the world. One of the ways to do this is to cultivate our sense of wonder-- to perceive the mystery and beauty of the world around us, and learn to play with it.